Sakarya is one of those magnificent cities in Turkey. It has it’s own spirits since it’s full of nature views which vary between lakes, huge mountains, rivers, and forests. Sakarya has a population of around 980 thousand and located in the Marmara region. Izmit, Bolu, Bursa, Bilecik, and Düzce are the neighbor cities surrounding Sakarya.

The exact location of Sakarya is in Çatalca- Kocaeli section in the Marmara region. This city has a history which go back hundreds of years, since it has many historical and cultural monuments Sakarya has entered the field of cultural tourism.

Sakarya has so many natural corners which are always preferred by nature-lovers. Ottoman history took place in Sakarya, there you can find so many historical places such as Rahime Sultan Mosque, Sapanca Rustempasa Mosque, Hasanfehmipasa Mosque, Seymuslihiddin Mosque, Yunuspaşa Mosque, II. Beyazid Bridge, Beşköprü, Paşalar Castle, Seyifler Castle, Harmantepe Castle.

Here we are going to list some of the outstanding places to visit in Sakarya:



 Its length is approximately 16 kilometers and it’s located in Sapanca district of Adapazarı, this beautiful lake hosts thousands of tourists every year since it is surrounded with charming and beautiful mountains. These mountains which change their colors according to seasons. Also, Sapanca lake is a great source of so many kinds of fish species. Cigdem plateau, Katırözü plateau, Sogucak plateau, Sultanpinar plateau, Karagol Plateau and the Guzlek plateaus are described as the most popular places to visit as well as Istanbul Dere, Vecihi Gate, Aygır Creek and Kırkpınar should be added to your list of places to see in Sapanca.

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  1. Maden Deresi

Maden Deresi

Sakarya’nın Karasu bölgesinde yer alan Maden Deresi bu yörenin en güzel doğal alanlarından biri olarak bilinmektedir. Maden Deresi yakın zamanda yerli ve yabancı turistleri ağırlamaya başlamıştır.

  1. Kuzuluk Thermal Springs

For those who would like to have medical tourism or just even relax in a beneficial spring to heal their bodies and their souls Kuzuluk Thermal Springs is the place for them. It is a magnificent sight seeing point where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday in Sakarya. Kuzuluk Thermal Springs are considered as healing springs since the Seljuk period. It is located in Akyazı County of Sakarya. You can find thermal centers in this region to enjoy plenty of relaxing and healing during your vacation in Sakarya.

  1. Acarlar Longozu

Acarlar Longozu

It is the world’s second tallest submerged forest. Acarlar Longozu is located in Karasu district of Sakarya. When you visit this wonderful place you will see the real meaning a beauty of nature where the sea and forest are in the same view with the enormous natural synthesis.

  1. Inonu Plateau

Inonu Plateau

For nature lovers and campers here is a great place for you where you can set your camping in the middle of Pine and Oak trees among their pleasant scents. Inonu Plateau is located between Adapazarı and Pamukova borders, to Adapazarı sightseeing spots.

  1. Cigdem Plateau

Cigdem Plateau

It is a natural habitat which located 20 km away from Sapanca of Sakarya. If you are visiting Turkey in July then try not to miss putting this place on your list.

  1. Karagol Plateau

It is located in a special place among the highlands of the Black Sea where you can find natural wonders. There you can see wooden architectural structures, accommodation points were brought to the region without damaging the beauty of nature.

  1. Poyrazlar Lake

If you want to get away from the crowds and busy city life Poyrazlar Lake is a perfect place for you. It is located 10 km away from Adapazari where you can find beautiful camping sites among the sounds of birds and nature.

  1. Sakarya River

This river which extends towards Sakarya bringing its water sources from Bayat Plateau in Afyon. Sakarya River is featured as the 3rd biggest river in Turkey. The river is also a great source of fish species that’s why it holds an important place in terms of fishing.