Visiting Turkey can be the best choice you can make for having a fruitful vacation. In Turkey, you can arrange both historic and sightseeing programs as well as having a great opportunity to enjoy cheap yet a wide variety of Shopping in Istanbul options.

Lots of tourists target Turkey just for its rich shopping choices and suitable prices.

In this article, we are going to list for you the best shopping malls so it can be a guide for shopping in Istanbul. One of the great features of Istanbul is that it has several Outlet malls where you can find all your needs with great prices.

Istanbul Shopping Mall list

  1. Zorlu Center

Zorlu Center

Shopping in Istanbul

In this mall, you will find all the high-end brands you are dreaming of. Those stores where all the fashion creators meet in one place. Also in Zorlu Center, you will find a wide range of international brands as well as high-quality turkish brands.

  1. Istinye Park Mall

Istinye Park Mall

Shopping in Istanbul

It’s another mall with a wide variety of shopping stores with lots of international brands and high-end brands too.

  1. Emaar Mall

Emaar Mall

Shopping in Istanbul

Emaar made its signature with building a huge mall in Ümraniye district including a very wide range of stores.

  1. Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul

Shopping in Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul was selected as “Best Mixed Use Project ” and  “Best Shopping Center Development Project ” in the 2011 European Property Awards. It’s one of the biggest malls in Istanbul. It includes a shopping center complex, residential buildings, office buildings, and a hotel

  1. Viaport Outlet Mall

Viaport Outlet Mall

Shopping in Istanbul

This huge outlet shopping mall is one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul. A mall where you can find the outlets of most of the international brands with discounted prices and good quality. This mall has an amusement park as well where your kids can enjoy their time while you’re shopping.

  1. Viaport Tuzla Outlet Mall

Shopping in Istanbul

This mall is another branch of Viaport mall but with a different mood. The stores are located on both sides of a long lake so you can enjoy your shopping with a nice view. The mall is also located by the marine where you can chill after shopping and enjoy your dinner in one of the restaurants on the seashore. 

Viaport is not just a shopping mall. It also includes a Viasea amusement park aquarium, a small zoo, bowling salon, and cinema.

  1. Optimum Outlet Mall

Optimum Outlet Mall

It is a shopping mall in the Asian (Anadolu) part of Istanbul, it’s specialized in selling old collections of famous brands with significant discounts. Optimum Istanbul Shopping Outlet offers convenient value shopping together with a wide array of dining and entertainment options.

  1. Akasya Mall

Akasya Mall

This mall is located in the Asian side of Istanbul surrounded with a perfect access to public transportation options. Akasya offers visitors a unique architectural design with 30 m high freeform skylights to provide maximum daylight with a ground floor. 

Also you can find in Akasya a branch of KidZania, the world’s largest education through entertainment, AKASYA MEYDAN ( Akasya Event Plaza ) Akasya Meydan is located at the south entrance of the shopping mall and offers visitors extraordinary event services and Akasya Kültür Sanat ( AKS  ) – Akasya Arts & Culture Center.


We have listed for you some of the most important shopping malls in Istanbul where you can find all your favorite brands and enjoy a great shopping experience during your stay in Turkey. 


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