Sapanca Lake is located between the Adapazari Meadow and the Gulf of Izmit. Surrounded by mountains, the lakeside is a superb relaxing place for those who are longing for the green and wishing to get away from the stress of city life and crowds.

nature lovers always look for new places that are filled with adventure and stunning views. We are happy to inform you that Sapanca lake has all that you wish for in one place. The lake’s scenic shores are the favorite place for tourists where they can enjoy a relaxing stroll or cycling while admiring the marvelous view of the mountains reflected in its freshwaters. Other interesting activities such as mountain climbing and quad biking and ATV are also on the table.

Sapanca Lake’s distinguishing features:

  • Sapanca Lake is a favorite place for visitors due to its proximity to Istanbul.
  • The availability of various activities, with many lakeside facilities for a holiday break.
  • The lake’s proximity to different touristic places such as Masukiye waterfall, Sapanca Zoo, Mahmudiyah Sapanca Village, and many others. which gives the tourists the opportunity to visit more than one place easily in one day

Activities around Sapanca Lake:Sapanca Lake

Sapanca lake is suitable for all kinds of newcomers with accommodations that range from camping to luxury spas and resorts located near the lake, which makes it easier to reach and enjoy all sort of activities both on the lake and off:

Cycling around the Lake: With a surface of 45 km2, the lake has a considerable shore perimeter, in which you can ride a bike while enjoying the view of Sapanca lake waters and the breeze coming from the mountings. Don’t worry if you get tired, you can take a break from cycling in the picnic areas scattered almost everywhere around the lake. You may even try your luck at fishing while resting in the lake shores.

Canoeing in Sapanca Lake: if looking at Lake Sapanca from a distance is not enough for you, you should definitely try canoeing. You can rent a canoe, pedalo, or rowboat from the facilities around the lake where the Turkish Rowing National Team usually practices.

ATV and quad biking: There is no need to worry if you encounter a cloudy or even a rainy day during your visit to Sapanca lake, as you can still enjoy a bunch of interesting activities, including riding an ATV in the woods up to the mountains, paragliding or off-road driving. You may also join the ATV camping tours in the case of a prolonged visit to Sapanca lake.

Paintball: Paintball is one of the tourists’ go-to’s when speaking about outdoor activities around Sapanca lake. This unique activity is suitable for both adults and children so that families and groups of friends can enjoy their time at Sapanca lake together.

Food and Drink: There are several tea gardens to take a rest from hiking around the lake, in addition to restaurants that serve delicious lake fish, the bass and the trout are the tourists’ favorites.

Observing the sporting activities: Various sporting activities and competitions take place on Lake Sapanca.

Weather in Sapanca Lake and best time to visit:

Sapanca Lake brings different moods as well as new distinguished activities with its four seasons. so you can enjoy the warm summers on outdoor activities and the cold clear winters in the coziness of the cottages next to the lake. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 34°F to 86°F and is rarely below 25°F or above 93°F.

Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Sapanca Lake for hot-weather activities is from early July to late August. And the best time of year to visit Sapanca Lake for general outdoor tourist activities is from late May to late September, with a peak score in the first week of September.

The Legend of Lake Sapanca

 The legend says that there is a buried town underneath the lake, and the reason of its sudden disappearance was the greed and selfishness of its rich people. According to the legend told by the locals, a dervish man came to visit the town from the nearby mountains, asking to be a guest in the locals’ houses. The townspeople refused to guest him and they even refused to give him water when he asked for it.

As the poor man was leaving the town disappointed and tired, he encountered a slinger’s shop where he was welcomed to stay in. The kind shop owner offered the dervish dinner and a place to stay the night. The next morning, the slinger accompanied his guest to the mountains. When the shop owner came back to his shop, he was surprised by the sight of a big lake instead of the town he used to see in the same place. He understood later that a disaster happened and it swallowed the whole town. Today you can still see a minaret rising in the middle of the lake. This means that part of the legend or even all of it is true, the lake has left a town underwater and there are still some structures under it to our present day.