Does It Worth Spend A Day or Two Of My Short Vacation in Princes’ Island?

This question is really a tough one and it’s answer depends on personal preference and experience.. But let’s get to know what can be done in Princes’ Island and keep the decision for you.

Princes’ Island of Istanbul or ( Kızıl Adalar) in turkish language are a chain of nine small islands located in the Sea of Marmara.

These Islands in the Byzantine era were just a place of exile and now they’re evolved to be a charming popular destination for tourists and for everyone who wants to run away from the hectic city and crowds for a day or two.

Not all the nine islands are open for public. Just four of them: The biggest island which is known as Büyükada, it means the big island in turkish language and it’s the most popular. The second one is Burgazada, then comes Heybeliada and Kınalıada is the last one.

What will you see when visiting Princes’ Island?

Princes' Island, Kızıl Adalar

The thing you will recognize and most probably enjoy is the sound of silence. The sounds of cars and motorized vehicles are replaced with the sounds of nature since all motorized vehicles are banned there. You can just enjoy the peace and quietness.

Also you can hear the sounds of bicycle bells and horseshoes hitting the roads as these are the only ways of transportation in the islands. You can just rent a bicycle or a horse-drawn carriage to go from place to place.

While riding these pretty things you can tour through the narrow streets flanked by old wooden Victorian Cottages or pine-forests. Also you can enjoy a beautiful turkish meal by the sea in one of the restaurants aligned with the seashore or eat Dondurma the turkish ice-cream while walking in the city streets on a summer day. 

How to Reach My Way to Princes’ Island And How To Return Back?

You can buy a  ferry boat ticket all day long which are operated by Şehir Hatları or sea buses (fast ferries) which are operated by IDO.

The fast ferries are of course the fastest way to reach there but they have irregular time schedules as they are focused on local citizens for commuting to work and back. While the regular ferries may take longer, since it takes about 100 minutes while the fast ferry’s trip is just 55 minutes. But the regular ferries may be your best and safest option, also it’s cheaper in price as it costs about 5 tl/person (if with Istanbul card about 3,85 tl/person)

While the fast ferries cost  about 10 tl/person ( if with İstanbul card about 7,80 tl/person).

NOTE: Take care about the ferry’s timetable changes since they differ according to the seasons.