Mount Kartepe (which means snowy peak in Turkish), is considered one of the most important tourist attraction places in Sapanca, which is located in the east side of Istanbul, near the city of Izmit.

This high majestic mountain overlooks the famous Sapanca Lake and the surrounded forests that constitute a natural masterpiece. Mount Kartepe is the tourists’ favourite destination among other places in this city, both in winter and summer. In winter the snow reaches more than half a meter in height, which makes it a destination for tourists interested in winter activities. In summer with the melting snow, a green robe with colourful flowers covers Mount Kartepe for it to become a place to relax and breathe fresh mountain air.

Thousands of tourists and visitors come from all over the world throughout the year to visit and the unique Mount Kartbe, and what makes it more distinguished is the cable car that extends from the top of Mount Kartbe to the bottom of the mountain, as it provides the most wonderful sightseeing in its best form.

Green Park Resort (the snowy resort of Mount Kartepe Sapanca)

Thousands of tourists and locals pass by Green Park Resort every year, in order to fully enjoy their visit to Mount Kartepe with the services that the resort provides for its visitors, especially for ski enthusiasts to practice their hobby.

The snowy resort located at the top of the mountain provides its services to tourists from skiing equipment, and snow tanks that are drawn by carriages on a wonderful tour in the snow-covered forest, in addition to some entertaining games available for families. The snowy resort of Mount Kartepe also includes several restaurants that serve various Turkish dishes, where you can take a rest and have a hot drink that will give you a feeling of warmth while admiring the snowy mountain forest. You can also enjoy the most delicious Turkish dishes and meals, as the best chefs in the world supervise the restaurants of the snowy resort. Green Park Resort also includes an indoor pool and fully furnished rooms, without forgetting to mention the possibility of renting one of the wooden huts there.

 Mount Kartepe Sapanca’ cable car:

The most beautiful thing about the trip to Kartepe is the cable car that extends from the bottom of the mountain to its top, in which you will see the beauty of the Sapanca forests around you, and enjoy the view of the snow-covered trees.

Mounting Hiking:

You can experience a wonderful and unique adventure in climbing the top of the mountain on foot and witness some of the magical sights of nature in this steep mountain, which is 1650 meters high.

You can also wander around Kartepe either on foot or on snow bikes.

Skiing at Mount Kartepe Sapanca

You will certainly have an adrenaline rush skiing experience in Mount Kartepe after wearing the necessary equipment that you’ll find available in the snowy resort.

Sports events:

If you are visiting Mount Kartepe Sapanca with your friends in the summer, you may be interested in watching or even participating in a sporting event full of excitement and fun, such as riding professional motorcycles.

Horse riding:

If your recreational trip to the Mount Kartbeh region is in the summer, we highly recommend you to participate in horse riding with one of the professionals of this authentic sport.

Finally, before the end of your enjoyable trip to Mount Kartepe Sapanca, don’t miss the opportunity to buy a lot of handcrafted souvenirs and take some souvenir pictures that will keep this wonderful place fresh in your memory.

Attractions near Mount Kartepe Sapanca:

You can explore the green forests of Sapanca, which are characterized by their density and diversity of trees and plants, in addition to the presence of many lakes near it, such as the famous Lake Sapanca, which is known to have clear fresh water, and it is one of the largest lakes near Mount Kartepe. Besides lakes, these are the tourist attractions near Mount Kartepe that you can visit:

  1. The village of Maşukiye Köyü
  2. The valley of the village of Maşukiye in Sapanca
  3. Mahmudiyeh village in Sapanca Mahmudiye Köyü
  4. Natürköy Sapanca Restaurant and Cottages
  5. Sopeli Restaurant Complexe
  6. Al-Fahd Farm in Sapanca 

When to visit Mount Kartepe:

Every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.