It is always great to sit on a high dock and rest your eyes and mind, while the river flows beneath the dock with its musical sound. Once you fall asleep, you feel totally rejuvenated when you open your eyes. You’ll have the exact same feeling when visiting Masukiye waterfall, where the water passes from underground wonderfully, as you enter the village you start to hear the sound of water trickling, which is a natural precedent unlike any other.

Masukiye is located in a small rural area in the city of Sapanca, which is a village surrounded by waterfalls. The name Masukiye is derived from the Arabic word “mashouq”, which means (adored) due to its extraordinary beauty, as it is known for its twenty -or more- waterfalls and its picturesque nature. When you visit this village, you will feel that you are a guest of nature, and you will surrender to it.

The establishment of this village dates back to 1864 at the end of the Russian and Caucasian War when it was established under the leadership of Öçbe Murat Bey, as caravans from Abhazia and Adyghea settled in this region alongside the Circassians.

The village of Masukiye is famous for its beautiful gardens and Masukiye waterfall. It also contains restaurants that serve fish, and the most popular type of fish in this village is trout, that’s one of the reasons why tourists prefer to visit this place due to the fact that Masukiye waterfall contains the best fish restaurant in Sapanca.

Information about Masukiye Village:

  • The village is characterized by a large area of ​​orchards, rivers, lakes, and Masukiye waterfall.
  • Masukiye village of Masukiye Sapanca maintains its rural character and contains a group of beautiful hotels, restaurants, and parks.
  • This mountain village is about 20 km far from the city center, and its population has reached about 6000 people in the past few years. In this area, there are two neighborhoods, “Jinarli and SogukSu”.
  • The village is distinguished by its wonderful beauty and vast green spaces that make it a distinctive destination for tourists.

Masukiye waterfall location:

It is located north of Sapanca Lake in Turkey

Masukiye waterfall is approximately 130 km far from Istanbul, which is the equivalent of a one hour and a half car journey.

The location of Masukiye waterfall on Google Maps.

Masukiye waterfall in winter:

The weather in the village of Masukiye in winter is very cold as it is a mountainous region, especially since the month of January witnesses snowfall, which means that there is no opportunity to enjoy Masukiye waterfall, as it is not possible to swim under the freezing weather circumstances, but there are many hotels and small restaurants near the falls that offer hot meals and they are air-conditioned, and by that giving the opportunity to enjoy eating in front of the amazing Masukiye waterfall view which is considered the most beautiful in Sapanca.

Tourists generally prefer to visit the village of Masukiye in winter, because of the warmer weather in it compared to Istanbul and its surroundings, with the increasing beauty of nature in the winter season, as you feel that you are a guest in the laps of nature. In winter, snow covers all parts of the city, which means that the temperature is below zero. However, in the spring the temperature becomes moderate to reach 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, and in summer the temperature becomes somewhat higher to reach more than 28 degrees Celsius.

The best activities in Masukiye waterfall

  • There are several recreational activities suitable for children and adults alike in the forests and rivers near Masukiye waterfall, the most famous of which are: the rope game (zipline), the game of the rope swing, Trampoline, and there are also tours on the ATV tanks for a period of 40 minutes, and the tour departs from the village valley up to Mount Kartepe.
  • You can visit the most beautiful natural gardens near the Masukiye waterfall to wander and take a morning walk in the laps of nature, or sit and enjoy the colorful and fragrant floral views which form a natural painting that hangs in mind.
  • You can spend the most beautiful times visiting the Masukiye waterfalls, which are more than 20 waterfalls flowing from Mount Kartepe.
  • You may also visit restaurants located next to Masukiye waterfall and taste the most delicious local dishes and various fish dishes, the most important of which is the trout dish. In addition to the organic dishes that the village is famous for. The best-known restaurants in the area are:

Sopeli Sapanca Restaurant

Sopeli Sapanca is a gathering of three of the best Sapanca restaurants in addition to a cafe surrounded by charming landscapes, as it is considered one of the well-known tourist areas in Sapanca that attract many tourists. The restaurant offers distinctive menus for breakfast, as well as a wide variety of delicious Turkish dishes, including grills such as Adana Kebab and Urfa Kebab,

The restaurant is characterized by its good service, cooperative staff, and distinctive porch overlooking the green nature and the river.

Al Shallal Restaurant in Masukiye

“Al Shallal” Restaurant which means “The waterfall restaurant”. Located 8 km from Sapanca in the middle of nature, buzzing with the sound of the waterfalls flowing in nearby.

Vadi Restaurant

Considered to be the best restaurant in Masukiye waterfall. The decor of the restaurant appears to be in a rustic hut style, as the majority of the food is served with crockery. It is worth mentioning that there is a small waterfall located next to the restaurant

Touristic places near Masukiye waterfall:

The trip to Lake Sapanca and Masukiye waterfall is one of the most beautiful organized trips in beautiful Turkey since Masukiye waterfall is only about a quarter of an hour away from Sapanca, which gives the opportunity to visit the places located near it easily in one day. We mention:

  • Botanical Garden (Sapanca Bird Garden).
  • Sapanca Zoo (Darija Sapanca Park).
  • Sapanca Lake.
  • Mahmudiyah Sapanca Village
  • Naturkoy village.
  • Göl Park Sapanca.
  • Sapanca Mountain Kartepe – Sapanca cable car (Sapanca Snow Mountain).
  • Safari in Sapanca.
  • Sapanca boats.
  • apanca Mall.
  • Sapanca popular market.